appreciations + recommendations


  • I had the pleasure of experiencing a massage by Bethany. It was simply amazing. She has a very warm, friendly personality and is a talented professional. In her presence, I felt comfortable and at ease while she diligently worked the tension from my tight muscles. I felt completely relaxed and restored at the end of my session. I would absolutely recommend her services.

    J. Caldwell Givens Estates
  • Bethany! You are magic! I feel relieved and refreshed. Thanks as always! -Chelsea “I had a 90 minute massage with Bethany on Saturday. My Dad passed away a week ago and I needed some extra TLC. I got it. Bethany is such a warm person, kind, professional and skilled. I left my appointment feeling grounded, relaxed and refreshed. This was not my first appointment and will not be my last.”

  • "Bethany's massage is consistently outstanding. I am a long time massage therapist so I am very picky about my massages. She always make sure to find out your goals for the session and makes sure she achieves them. I always leave feeling great and that I got what I needed. Plus she is so warm and personable. Thank you, Bethany!"

    Jill B
  • I had had a physically challenging two weeks and was in desperate need of a massage that would heal body, mind, and spirit. I told Bethany that I just needed to melt away, and literally, through her healing and expert touch, the past challenges gently drifted away as I returned to myself. I cannot put into words how Bethany’s knowing presence and sense of others works to heal and replenish. She is gifted, humble, and quite possibly the best at what she does this side of the Mississippi. Ok, most likely in the whole country.

    Lorraine L
  • When I enter the massage room at Riverview I immediately feel her calming presence. She listens carefully to my requests and does not fill the room with unnecessary chatter. Her hands certainly have a healing touch that I look for in a massage therapist and after a massage with her my body feels more relaxed for many days or weeks.

    Annie Masaoka Asheville Acupuncture Clinic
  • We started using chair massage services in our office. Everyone who walks out after their massage is in absolute HEAVEN. Using these services has brought up morale and productivity. It’s important to take the time out of your day for a little self love especially in the hectic world of real estate, and Bethany’s services are the perfect outlet.

    L.M. Town & Mountain Realty
  • Bethany's massage services were truly like none other. After my first appointment with her I immediately booked a follow-up appointment. She listened to my concerns and addressed the areas of my body that were giving me pain with techniques that really worked. The room is very comfortable, warm, and welcoming, and the essential oils were a nice touch. As someone who sits regularly at a computer and has issues after knee surgery, I can feel a difference after a visit with Bethany. I definitely recommend her and will be back again soon.

    Tamara G
  • I am a local, licensed massage and bodywork therapist in Asheville, and I utilize Bethany at Riverview Massage as one of my go-to therapists for massages. I highly recommend her unique, therapeutic, deep tissue techniques. In fact, I even tend to learn something new from her every session!

    Samala Hirst Massage Therapist (LMBT #13210)
  • Bethany Malley was the first student in my decade-tenure career of massage instruction that showed the most profound concentrated interest in the massage therapy world. She was the only student to ever have a laptop in class taking diligent notes and researching whatever I mentioned for validity. Her eagerness to be an entrepreneur and self-starting, fully confident therapist; she approached me with vigor and asked if after graduation I would mentor her. I was thrilled, inspired and grew instantly respectful of her disposition and the goals she set for herself. She instantly began working with a five-star review from all she came "IN TOUCH" with. She is one of the most goal-oriented, task-oriented, positive-frequency driven, nurturing, strong, intelligent, gifted and beautiful people I know and anyone she works with would be gracefully honored with her presence. Her skill set and knowledge base is comprehensive with a diversity hardly matched. Her ability to be mentored is outstanding. With pleasure I share my honest opinion of her wholeness. Bethany is a GEM. I would always refer her with honors. Mind, Body and Soul.

    Jennifer Ann Simpson-Green First Medical Neuromuscular Massage Therapist in the Federal Government as A Veteran at Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Pain Management Clinic/Wounded Warrior
  • Bethany is both gentle and caring, and also really effective and can go deep when you ask her to. I love that she uses Reiki and essential oils and other amenities to make the session feel nourishing and soft, and that she can also dig in and knows anatomy well so she can help with my complex physical issues. Bethany truly works and gives from her heart and it’s just a delight to be with her and receive beautiful, deep bodywork from her. I regularly refer clients to Bethany from my yoga practice as well.

    Lydia Jane Michaels Yoga Therapist of Asheville Yoga Therapy
  • The nursing staff loved massage services so much they asked if we could have her come in on a monthly basis. They commented how much it helped them to relax and release the tension in their tired muscles. This experience was a true morale booster for our team! I would recommend these services to others wanting to show appreciation to their staff members.

    Joy Director of Nursing in Assisted Living
  • It was the best massage, healing session I have ever had and I have had many. Your presence and intuition along with the sweet space you have created allowed me to feel nurtured, cared for and to sink deeply back into my body!

    Karyn A.
  • I’ve had numerous running injuries over the years, and I’ve found therapeutic massages to be the best remedy. Bethany is an exceptional massage therapist – I have yet to find anyone who comes close to her effectiveness and professionalism. Bethany works with her clients to assess your needs and goals, adjusting her technique to your desired level of pressure. She also takes the time to ask if there are any additional areas you’d like worked on before she ends the session – I’ve never experienced that before with other therapists. Additionally, she is a positive, caring individual who wants to partner with her clients to help them succeed in their wellness goals. I happily and strongly recommend her.

    Camille Verzal Communication Consultant & Writer
  • Bethany of Riverview Massage Therapy, makes it easy to give a reasonably priced thank you to your employees. We gifted everyone with a 15-minute massage at our awards banquet.

    Joy Lovoy Town & Mountain Realty